Branding and Planning.

Branding and Planning.

Over the past week I have made a few mockups of icons and banners for my various social media sites as well as this site. They are pretty crude at the moment but I didn’t want to spend to long messing around with them because while that would make me feel productive, it certainly isn’t.

Over the next few weeks I plan to put up a few of my older projects. This will include a few items of completed artwork and some media of incomplete games and such that are either works in progress, proof of concept, or experiments. For those relating to software or games I’m going to update them to the lates version of my development environment (i.e. unity) and maybe fix a bug or add a feature that won’t take too much time.

I’ll also be organizing some software to keep me on track and aware of progress relating to projects and even let you know what software I choose and throw in my two cents on it. And finally I am looking at a site that will help me with putting some of my art on apparell, phone cases, and canvas to sell because who wouldn’t want to make a little money of their hobbies.

That is all for now keep an eye out for what is to come!

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